"All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today."

Chinese proberb

The artist is woorking with some of these seeds.

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 Piece Floating Words part 1

 "Floating words".

(They float these words, scattered at the whim of the waves,

generating freaky or relevant expressions)

C'était à l'occasion de la 15e Biennale AC Lyon -> Visitez l'Atelier InterCreArt Lyon5.

It was for the 15th Biennial of Contemporary Art -> Visit Art Studio InterCreArt Lyon5.

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InterCreArt ®

InterCreArt is the registered name for Andre Mordant's partnership activities.

"Interactions Creatives avec l'Artiste"

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Signalisation Eu66

 L’Europe Unie,  fédération ou confédération d’états, existe vraiment.

La «Route Eu66» semblable à la Route US 66 traverse 9 de ces états

sur une distance équivalente. (2448 miles = 3939 km)

 En savoir plus : site .

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